FILMED : 2014

TIME : 200 mins

PRICE : $30

Just Planes is delighted to contine its extensive adventure with SAS having filmed the Boeing 737, Douglas MD80, Airbus A330 to Newark as well as partner airlines Blue1, Wideroe and Spanair. This time our program features the Airbus A340 on the Copenhagen to Washington route.

Our A340 displays the Star Alliance livery. Just Planes has filmed 13 member airlines in the alliance!


This program also introduced Captain Bjorn and Copilot Marius, both go out of their way to explain and present all the details of their flight, route, aircraft and lots more. Captain Bjorn is well known from his presence on You Tube and Instagram!


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+ Cockpit filming using up to multi cameras for great views on takeoff & landing!

+ Flight Preparations

+ Cockpit Set-up

+ Briefings

+ Checklists

+ External Walkaround

+ Depature & Arrival Airport Charts

+ Cockpit Presentation

+ Great scenery on departures & arrivals and en route specially over New York & Boston!

+ Cabin Service

+ Presentation by steward

+ Tour of Washington



Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations



SK 925



CPH Copenhagen, DENMARK

IAD Washington Dulles, USA



SK 926



IAD Washington Dulles, USA

CPH Copenhagen, DENMARK

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If I had to summarize my overall view of this program, I would say that it is one of the best A340 documentaries out there. The editing, camera angles and replays accompanied by music all makes this program an enjoyable experience. SAS has always been welcoming to Just Planes and by extension it shows that they are interested in sharing with the world the culture and professionalism of their company. Programs such as these are very inspiring. Well done! Reviewed by

+Love it, great video wonderful aircraft everything so nice, very professional crew and pilots. Thanks a lot. Juan Rivera

+This was amazing, impressive and emotional. I love SAS. Hope to fly someday by SAS! Nik

+Great to see a team so passionate about their job. Looks like a great crew to work with. Keep up the good work. David Woodward

+A wonderful crew for a beautiful airplane! SAS really seems to put joy in air travel. A really enjoyable video, thank you!Mi Lou

+Nice to see the pilots taking real pride in what they are doing! MV

+Very nice video and airline!VZ

+That is a beautiful video i like so much. Carlos Castro

+Wow...very professional and practical. Joe Vail

+Great job guys, love the video. Been flying between Scandinavia and the US with SAS for 25 years now. Fine memories. SAS will always feel to me like a very solid and caring airline. This video captures that vibe, I think. TS

+Bjorn you are a great captain! Nice video! Christopher Henriksson

+Nice video! Carlos McKay

+Bjornpilot! What an awesome guy. Great video! CR

+BRAVO SAS. Great video and very friendly crew. Cheers SF

+This one, has to be the best one! Amazing! Flyspotter

+Lovely SAS! Great airline and great crew! :) Andrew Nielsen

+Watching these kinds of videos get me through ground school theory and exams. Thanks! Druss Jr

+Another well edited video!  Very professional! MD

+Nice crew, great airliner, wonderful fligth, unique video. Thanks JustPlanes. Eduardo Zarate

+Great video as always! SA

+I like all your videos, but this one was especially good. The combination of cockpit and cabin video kept thing interesting. Nice work........good camera angles and excellent editing. Charley Jackson

+Really nice combination of cockpit and cabin video on a great plane and airline! Paul Ferdinand

Copilot does a walkaround of our A340

Starting up engines 3 and 4

"Gear Up" Just airborne from Copenhagen

Going over the route to Washington

Time for lunch... some really nice choices for the main course

and lots of desserts!

Captain going over the route progress

Checking the terrain altitudes en route

Preparing the arrival into Dulles Airport

Going over the Approach information

Great views of New York & New Jersey

On final at Washington's Dulles Airport

Our Airbus touching down at IAD Airport

Captain Bjorn being a tourist in Washington ;)

Briefing to the crew for our return flight to Copenhagen

Just airborne from Washington

Going over the Atlantic crossing procedures

Requesting our Oceanic crossing

Great sunset with view of the #1 engine

Copilot prepares the arrival into Copenhagen

Final approach into Copenhagen

Copilot touching down at CPH