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Filmed in 2012 - Released in 2013

Turkish Airlines, the fastest growing airline in the world, also operates an extensive cargo network and recently started taking delivery of new Airbus A330-200 Freighter aircraft. We're delighted to be filming this great airline again and featuring the A330F in our series for the 1st time! You'll follow flights from the Istanbul hub to Europe, Asia and Africa and see how cargo operates, learn about the differences with the passenger A330 and have 3 loadmasters explain all the details from the weight & balance, load planning to why the airplane needs to be loaded a certain way to avoid tipping on its tail.


It was great to see Turkish back yet again but this time featuring a new type of aircraft for the series. This time it's their great cargo division showing off their brand new A330F's. The destinations chosen were great and interesting as usual. I really appreciated the various presentations by the load masters on the flights. I also found the crews to be very accommodating and they really showed a willingness to be a part of the program. Udo's camera work was excellent as usual and the quality is outstanding. A nice touch was the ramp access that was given for the cargo loading and unloading at the various airports. The viewer gets to see what really goes on behind the scenes. A special thank you to TK for their access and allowing Just Planes to feature this great airplane.
George Alves, USA

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Splendid work friends!! loved every second of it!


Excellent video!


I must congratulate your team for this splendid production, good job!


JustPlanes is getting better and better,? well done!


Amazing video! Good work..


Fantastic video! I love Turkey and Turkish airlines, and Freight ops!


Great vid and music as? always.


Yeah awesome..!


Excellent? production.


Impressive. Nice shots.  I must comment on the great music. It is a fascinating mix of East and West, much like Turkey itself.  Well done.
Cameras on, the most important part of the checklist!


Greatness as usual!  Thanks.


Honestly I didn't expect another THY videos...at least like as soon! A330F is amazing surprise.   Thanks JP and thanks to who helped on this video from company to crews.


Very nice video!


Another winner!  Best Crew!


Best company and best video? channel:)


Beautiful plane. Fantastic video as always. Thank you.


Very cool video! Thanks for sharing! Big Like!


Nice video
Best airplane channel on Youtube?!


Cool? crew at Turkish :D


A great video many thanks for this.

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+ Cockpit filming using 5 cameras for multiple views on takeoff & landing!

+ Crew flight preparations, briefings and checklists

+ Aircraft Walkaround

+ Turkish Airlines Cargo Presentation

+ Cockpit differences between passenger and cargo A330

+ Loading and Offloading of cargo

+ Loadmaster job presentation

+ Weight & Balance, Loadplanning and a lot more...

Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
A330-200F TC-JDO TK 3476 IST-TAS 4h13

IST Istanbul, TURKEY


A330-200F TC-JDO TK 3476 TAS-BKK 5h37



A330-200F TC-JDO TK 3477 BKK-IST 10h29


IST Istanbul, TURKEY

A330-200F TC-JDO TK 6323 IST-LOS 6h02

IST Istanbul, TURKEY


A330-200F TC-JDO TK 6324 LOS-MXP 5h31


MXP Milan Malpensa, ITALY

A330-200F TC-JDO TK 6324 MXP-IST 2h06

MXP Milan Malpensa, ITALY

IST Istanbul, TURKEY



A330F walkaround in Istanbul

Going over the departure route

One of the many views/angles in the cockpit!

Fantastic view of this 737 over Baku

Loadmaster talks about his job & training

About to touch down in Tashkent

Cargo door open, ready for offloading

Loadmaster explains the various cargo sections

Preparing to depart for Bangkok

Cruising at 41,000 feet

On short final at Bangkok

Our aircraft parked at Bangkok

Avoiding thunderstorms out of Bangkok

Nice scenery over Iran

Loadmaster presentation of the aircraft

Checking the pallets are properly built

Loadmaster explains how the A330 has to be loaded

Other A330F pushing back just before us

Nice views of the dozens of TK a/c at IST

Just airborne from Istanbul

Right over Thessaloniki Airport

Loadmaster explains Weight & Balance

How to regulate the temperature

On our way down to Lagos

Some really impressive scenery

,,, and another fantastic sunset!

Copilot explains the A330F differences

View of the main deck

Nice descent into Istanbul

About to touch down at Ataturk Airport