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Filmed in 2011 - Released in 2012

We're delighted to return to Swiss International 9 years after we first featured this great airline in our series. After covering flights to Asia and South America, this time we fly the A340-300 to North America and you're in for a fantastic flight packed with information and great views and ending with a spectacular scenic arrival into San Francisco! Captain Covolan and his crew will inform you on all the aspects and details of this Transatlantic flight from the crews first arrival at the Swiss Operations Desk to the shutdown in Zurich after the return flight. Enjoy this great opportunity of flying Swiss International!

Below is a view of the takeoff from Zurich using 6 cameras!



Absolutely incredible video! filming editing and music everything was just perfect! keep making videos guys ill buy every one? of them!

There isn't a detail missed during the 256mins of this awesome program. You can't help yourself from smiling and appreciating the true joy that Captain Covolan and his crew felt when they expressed how exhilarating it was flying the SFO approach!    Brent Ktytor, CANADA

I cant express how much i loved it simple amazing !!!!

Blake Riley, AUSTRALIA

Purchased the Swiss 340 ZRH-SFO which is brilliant!

Christoph Hunziker, SWITZERLAND

Another amazing program. I am just amazed at the picture quality of the Blu-ray.   Mark Wilson, CANADA

This program is nothing but breathtaking. Great airline + unrivaled Justplanes -> Perfect Blu-ray. Thank you!

Daniel Roethlisberger, SWITZERLAND

Fantastic blu-ray ; I am impressed with how informative and enjoyable the program is.  Daniel Morrissey, AUSTRALIA

I have no words for describe this incredible bluray!

Pablo Gonzalez Gonzalez, SPAIN

One word, brilliant.  Andrew Sattler, AUSTRALIA

I was very impressed yet again with this latest Blu-Ray!

George Alves, USA

WOW!! I am so happy to see another SWISS DVD, This one really takes the cake as the all time best in my book!

John Linder, USA

Excellent blu-ray disc, and nice high quality footage!

Jon Meyer, USA

Amazing program!, I am really satisfied.   Edgar Mora, COSTA RICA

Absolutly wonderfull !!! One of my favorite video ....With à fantastic Swiss Crew and the fabulous discover of San Fransico ....dream travel !!  JMF

A wonderful program!    Greg Rowland, USA

I was not in the least disappointed in the content, The captain, and first officer's explaining the office buttons and switches, as well as the flight planning, was worth the whole experience of the flight. Great job JP, and thanks to Captain Covolan and crew for allowing us the privilege of riding along .  James Seals, USA


You Tube Comments

Just finished the blu-ray.? Loved it.

I received the DVD today, one of the best ever!!! Great great great job JustPlanes!

Supurb video.

Awesome video! Cool captain :) 

As I said a few months ago: "JustPlanes =? Just Awesome"

Amazing!! The pilot is? so cool too!

Wow what a beautiful clear video...another great one by just planes

I love the captain, he's the? most upbeat cool "heavy" captain ever! 

Great video love justplanes!

Looks like its gonna be your best? video so far. Amazing

3 words: WOW, WOW,? WOW!!!

Well done?, you did a good job

Another awesome video from Just Planes...!!!(!)

Superb video 

That's just impressive!

Great video 

beautiful video!!  Thanks!! 

Pilot and cockpit crews? are so cool.

Coolest video ever! please keep? them coming!!!


Wow what a video.

Excellent aviation video!

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+ Detailed pre-flight preparations including route, weather, diversion, etops, notams, fuel etc...

+ Aircraft external walkaround inspection

+ Cockpit Set-up , Briefings, Checklists

+ Departure & Arrival briefings with airport/runway charts

+ PRM Approach Presentation (Precision Runway Monitor)

+ ETOPS Procedures

+ Decompression Procedures

+ Fantastic en route scenery

+ Spectacular Golden Gate 6 Arrival Route

+ Cost Index Presentation

+ Detailed Cockpit Presentation

+ Meal Service Presentation including a look at different courses & choices

+  Tour of San Francisco including spectacular views of the Golden Gate and a lot more

+ Bike Trip around San Francisco with crew

Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
A340-300 HB-JMD LX 038 ZRH-SFO 11h16


SFO San Francisco, USA

A340-300 HB-JMK LX 039 SFO-ZRH 11h06

SFO San Francisco, USA




Cpt Covolan and his crewdo a fantastic job

External Walkaround of our A340

HB-JMD leaving Zurich Airport

Left turn 1 mile after takeoff from Zurich

Following our route on the instruments

Looking for other traffics on our route

Spectacular scenery on the way

We point out Cities & Airports

A very nice First Class Meal presentation!

Performing the Golden Gate 6 Arrival!

Flying right over San Francisco Airport

Very nice evening departure from SFO Int'l

A nice visit to the City of San Francisco

and a fun bike tour with the crew!

Lucky spectacular views of the GG Bridge....

... from the water & from land!

More typical views of SFO...

... and Alcatraz, and lots more in the program!


This programme really makes me wanna fly Swiss A340! Here we are invited by the friendly crew of Swiss on their A340 on a flight between Zurich and San Fransisco and back. And the whole thing is covered with no less than 6 HD cameras.

The programme starts with pre-flight briefing, not as in depth as in the Air Canada 777 North-Pole flight Blue-Ray, but the crew explains about ETOPS, weather and other aspects, and then it´s time for the walk-around. Captain Covolan guides us around the 340, and there is no doubt he is proud to be captain of this aircraft. After the exterior check into the cockpit! And here is where the fun begins! The crew explains, in very nice and in-depth, the cockpit preparations, going through the charts on the EFB (Electronic Flight Bag), and all the checklists. This is done in a extremely good way, and in a relaxed tone. The sound on the Blue-Ray is perfect, only some times the ATC chatter is a bit high, making it difficult to hear what the crew explains, but that is just in total a few minutes, and considering this Blue-Ray is around 4 hours long, it´s not a big deal. After all the preparation it´s time for take-off from Zurich. The picture quality is superb, just be shure to watch this on a HD TV to get the most out of the Blue-Ray! During the flight to San Fransisco, Captain Covolan and his first officer, explains, and shows, the different flight instruments in the cockpit. Of course we also get spectacular views from the scenery we pass along the route.

The landing in SFO is a challenge since the crew get informed, quite late, that the ILS is out of function, but they perform a visual landing instead. They also explain the special procedure that SFO, and some few other airports in USA with parallell runways have, called PRM Approach. And after shut-down we are invited to join some of the crew on bikes(!) around San Fransisco, where we view ,among other things, Golden Gate bridge. I am impressed with the guy filming while cycling. During the returnflight to Zurich more explantions of the cockpitsystems are given, and we also take a glimpse of the cabin service, with the meals being served, and they look mouth watering!

So in conclusion this Blue-Ray is flawless, in great quality both regarding picture quality and sound. The programme is just over 4 hours, but it is so good, times fly(pun!) and it never feels too long. The Blue-Ray costs only $30. You order it from JustPlanes website. Link is below. I warmly recommend this Blue-Ray, and looking forward to the next one, already in production!  Reviewed by FS.NORDIC.NET

More Comments

It come's as no surprise that for the third time Just Planes and Swiss International Airlines teamed up together and produced yet another outstanding must have program. There isn't a detail missed during the 256mins of this awesome program featuring Swiss's A340-300 and their first class service. However, the true stars are without a doubt the friendly flight crew as well as the incredible arrival into SFO. You can't help yourself from smiling and appreciating the true joy that Captain Covolan and his crew felt at the gate, when they expressed how exhilarating it was flying the SFO approach on a perfectly clear sunny day. The only cloud you'll see during this stunning approach, is the one the crew is on after landing:) A big thank you to Swiss Airlines for inviting Just Planes back to feature your wonderful airline and we all hope to see your smaller fleet in action to more great destinations.

Brent Ktytor, CANADA

As always, another amazing program. I thought it would take some time to come close or even top the AC Polar Blu-ray, but it didn't take very long at all. I am just amazed at the picture quality of the Blu-ray. After such a great experience with the Blu-rays it would be hard to go back to a regular DVD. It was great to welcome Swiss back into the series, and hopefully there are more to come. The approach and landing in SFO was one of the most spectacular ones I have ever seen. We sure lucked out on the beautiful weather, one in a million. Again the crew was well chosen, great scenery along the way and the air to air of other traffic was spectacular. I might as well just pre-order any future Swiss programs right now. Thanks again for such an amazing program and thanks to Swiss International Airlines as well. Mark Wilson, CANADA

I have just received your second fantastic blu-ray featuring the Swissair A340 to San Fransisco, once again I am impressed with how informative and enjoyable the program is, and the pilots provide substantial information during the flight! Keep up the good work Just Planes, look forward to what is in store in 2012!  Daniel Morrissey, AUSTRALIA

Just want to say a Big congratulations on the swiss air A340 dvd to SFO i got mine today and i cant express how much i loved it simple amazing !!!! amazing crew , amazing footage , great views, great aircraft and lots a information to learn from . Well done Guys i loved it  Blake Riley, AUSTRALIA

Many thanks to JustPlanes for this awesome bluray of Swiss in the route from ZHR to SFO.I just receive my copy in Spain and I have no words for describe this incredible bluray.From the amazing walkaround to the landing in San Francisco we can see a fantastic production with multicameras and a new external takeoff camera that make very cool this dvd.Thanks to the Captain Covolan and his crew for the details and explications of every detail of the flight and thanks for put in the bluray the amazing view of San Francisco . Thanks and is fantastic to see planes in Bluray.  Pablo Gonzalez Gonzalez, SPAIN

Just to let you know that I received the Swiss Blu-ray LSZH-KSFO. One word, brilliant. Thanks to the whole staff at Just Planes for making a great high picture quality of aviation documentation.  Andrew Sattler, AUSTRALIA

I was very impressed yet again with this latest Blu-Ray release. Swiss and SFO were a great addition to the Just Planes arsenal. From the inviting pilots who kept the viewer informed every step of the way, to the beautiful San Francisco tour, this production will not disappoint. The competition better get out of the way because Just Planes is on a serious roll!

George Alves, USA

The video was great, excellent blu-ray disc, and nice high quality footage! The Swiss crew were interesting, knowledgeable, and entertaining.  This is the first time I've purchased one of these types of videos. I'm not a pilot (electrical engineer, however) I really enjoyed the technical details throughout.  The pre-flight walk around was awesome. As a passenger, I'm unlikely to ever get that opportunity to be near the exterior of such an aircraft.  I was most interested in the discussion of the flight instruments while on the return trip. Happy to say I knew what KMSP was before the co-pilot aswered the captain. Used to live near and fly out of Minneapolis.  From everything I've read, the A340 is an excellent aircraft to fly in, but looks to be out of production. Might be the only chance I'll ever get to "fly" in one. The only thing I would have liked was a tour of the interior prior to passenger boarding. Maybe a peek in the crew rest area... I also really liked the San Francisco and Paris footage from the air. Having spent time in both places, seeing them from above was beautiful and brought back some good memories.  Jon Meyer, USA

Yes another great program from Just Planes and Swiss International,  this time on the A340-300 to and from San Francisco! Starting with a pre-flight briefing at Zurich with the dispatcher and crew, then a very nice walkaround by the Captain, we then watch the cockpit setup followed by the departure filmed from various cameras. We continue on across the North Atlantic, North of Iceland, over the middle of Greenland then the NW Territories of Canada over Alberta and down the US West Coast. One major highlight of this flight is the BA 747-400 visible just 1 mile to our left and only 1000 feet below after being called out by the A340's TCAS system. This is spectacular sight! After an arrival briefing, we witness the beautiful scenery over Marin county and then the San Francisco area on a very clear day, with the city, Golden Gate and Bay Bridges and SFO Airport clearly visible from high altitude. After a very scenic landing we are treated to a beautiful ground tour of San Francisco featuring the Golden Gate Bridge, Cable Cars and many other sights unique to the city. Aboard another A340 for an evening flight back to Zurich, including a very detailed tour of the cockpit and a nice presentation showing the very fancy meals service by Swiss Int'l. Following this, in the morning daylight we have beautiful views over the Channel Islands, French Coast and Paris followed by the approach and landing back at Zurich, where our very personable Captain gives us a very warm farewell. A wonderful program! A big thank you to Swiss International and Just Planes!  Greg Rowland, USA

WOW!! I am so happy to see another SWISS DVD, This one really takes the cake as the all time best in my book,It is right there with the SWISS MD11 program of a few years ago. From the first part of the DVD with the SWISS Fleet which I really enjoyed. I than watched the main program,And I was really amazed to the amount of paperwork such as weather and routing charts. Capt Covolan really explained the charts well and talked about the flight to the Flight Attendants with the rest of the Cockpit Crew. I think that is a good thing to inform the Cabin crew about the flight. The Cockpit presentation pre flight was Great! Capt Covolan and his F/Os really gave Great information on the check list prior to Push Back and engine Start Up. From Push Back and start up to Take Off, I was also very impressed with the 6 Cameras which really gave the viewer all sorts of differant views. The route was very well explaned for the flight to San Francisco. All points of the flight and Radio Com Audio was really clear as well. Seeing all the differant views en route was really nice.My favorite seat on a plane is the Window, Either behind the wings or in front of the wings. I really enjoyed the views of the other plans,I was a passenger on SWISS a few years ago and we saw a BA plane which was along side for a good while,About a mile separation. The view over Greenland is always amazing. During the time the capt was in the Crew Rest Area, The 2 F/Os really did a great job on updating the routes and explaining the Eicars Unit and communications on HF. The views over Canada were nice as well as the view of Mt St Hellen and the arrival into San Francisco,The view of the SF Bridge was nice. The landing was very well covered. I loved the tour of Frisco, Especially when everyone was on bikes.UDO, Great camera work from the bike. Liked seeing the crew on bikes as well. Well, For the return to Zurich flight, Capt Covolan and his crew gave great info before and during the flight. The Cockpit presentation was great as well,The F/O really explained the buttons and switches on the roof of the cockpit. The Approach into Zurich was nice as well.

I would like to thank SWISS and Just Planes for this fantastic video. Its 4 Hours of Great Info,Great Views and Great Crews on a Great Plane. I suggest that everyone get this Amazing DVD, It deserves an Emmy!! Great work by all. Keep up the Great Work!!   John Linder, USA

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