For nearly 80 years Sabena planes have been seen at airports all around the world. Just Planes was fortunate to have filmed a number of flights on Sabena aircraft from Brussels.


This program starts with a training flight on the Airbus A340 at Liege Airport which includes touch and go's and engine out maneuvers. We then follow the same crew on its maiden A340 flight from Brussels to New York JFK.   Following that we continue on the A340-200 from Brussels to Tokyo Narita and back to Brussels. The DVD ends with an Airbus A321 roundtrip from Brussels to Dublin and Airbus A319 roundtrip from Brussels to Helsinki.


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Filmed in 1999 - Released in 2000


One more DVD to my precious  collection. Very impressed specially the training  flight . A recommended DVD for all Airbus lovers. I love the narration as well. Hope to see more Airbus dvds in the future. Deepal Perera, SRI LANKA

The Sabena A340 is fantastic!  Patrizio Migliola, ITALY

Three years ago I bought the Justplanes triple DVD featuring Sabena. That included the previously released videos featuring A319 (BRU-HEL-BRU), A321 (BRU-DUB-BRU), A340 (BRU-NRT-BRU) and A340 (Flight in the Cockpit 12). Nine years ago I bought the Sabena A340-200 (Flight in the Cockpit 12) video. And I want to thank Michel Moskal and the people at Justplanes for doing a fantastic job with the production of that video (including the filming of the “Touch and Go” at Liege, Belgium and the “History of Sabena” as well as the Crew Briefing scenes at Flight Dispatch). Cpt. Raymond Nicolai (A340 Chief Pilot & Flight Instructor) deserves most of the credit. That includes the Route Information and the Cockpit Tour. Furthermore, he did an excellent job during the A340 training of Cpt. Koeune and F/O Van Lopem while assisting Justplanes with the production of that video. I think that we should acknowledge Cpt. Nicolai for taking the time out of his busy schedule to help make “Flight in the Cockpit 12” entertaining. Cpt. Henri Koeune (Pilot Flying BRU-JFK) deserves credit also. That includes both the Takeoff and the Approach Briefings. And First Officer Yvan Van Lopem (Preflight Walkaround) deserves credit as well. I am happy that Justplanes is doing a new run of the SABENA (A319-100, A321-100, & A340-200) DVD. I am looking forward to buying this DVD. And I hope that all of your viewers will buy it too.  John McCreery, USA

Great DVD for all aircraft watchers.

Gunther Vandeuren, BELGIUM

It is very very awesome! I really enjoyed the cockpit presentations of the A340-200. I also enjoyed the training flights to Liege which enlightened me on how they do touch and go's and how the training flight works. I really did enjoy the scenery while en route in this program especially Japan, Ireland and Finland. Some parts of the film talked about Sabena's fleet history, and more about the airline! This DVD is a must have for everyone and thanks to all pilots for their excellent presentations! Spencer Mitchell, USA

I loved the Sabena A340!  Vincent Passafiume, USA

I watched the DVD of the A340. I really loved the footage of the Touch & Go's at Liege. I also watched the returnflight BRU-NRT-BRU. I saw Schiphol, my home airport and I really enjoyed the sight of Mount Fuji. Thank you Just Planes for this DVD-pack. Erik van Dokkum, NETHERLANDS

Excellent DVD, all the crews are very kind, it is very well filmed and we can see a lot of landscapes. Thanks to this DVD, we travel all around the world from our sofa! Michael Viardot, FRANCE

This DVD is a must. It contains great information about Sabena's History and development. Great Work WAR!!!

Matthew Albiston, AUSTRALIA

I just love the DVD, but I miss my home-base airline a lot! A big compliment for the pilots and creators of this superb DVD! Great job!! Rutger Leunen, BELGIUM

I have to say that it's a great program! All the dvds are fantastics, done with lots of professionalism. Thank you very much for your work. Bruno Festre, BELGIUM

This is the biggest worldairroute package so far (almost 10 hours) and I have enjoyed every single minute of it. It brings a great variety of aircraft from the Sabena fleet. In this package not only the aircrews are followed during their work, but also we can see a training flight from Brussel to Liege. What I liked as well were the shots taken outside the airplane and background information about Sabena. Donald Klaassen, NETHERLANDS

I really loved the Sabena Airbus A340-200 and Airbus A310-200 programs  Sanja Fays, BELGIUM

I first flew on Sabena, when I was 3, on a DC 7 seven seas, from the Belgian Congo, where I was born, to Brussels. During the next few years, I flew on Sabena 707, 727, 737 and 747 to Kinshasa and New York. I have a great collection of Sabena memorabilia. I was very sad when Sabena went out of business. This 3 DVD set is fantastic, and will always remind me, when I watch it, of what a great airline it was. You should have it in your DVD library. A must. Michael Lenglez, USA

I just love the DVD, but I miss my home-base airline a lot! A big compliment for the pilots and creators of this superb DVD! Great job!! Rutger Leunen, BELGIUM

Having spent 6 years in Waterloo. And going to EBBR several times a month and hearing the controllers on my hand-held radio. This 3 disc pack definately made me feel as if this was money EXTREMELY well spent. Each segment is different in their own ways and truely shows how good SABENA used to be! The flight to Africa was beyond detailed! If I am correct, the PIC from that flight is the same from the BOS-BRU flight! Seeing the EBBR scenes again made me feel at home! I recommend this dvd to EVERYONE! It's worth more than the price we pay!! Sumner Rabin, USA

I like your programs, specially Sabena A340-200. 

Roland Hanselman, CANADA

Excellent DVD, all the crews are very kind, it is very well filmed and we can see a lot of landscapes. Thanks to this DVD, we travel all around the world from our sofa!

Tom Dallwitz, GERMANY

Just recieved my Sabena A340 flight in the cockpit video. Pleasure to watch. Keep up the good work. Thanks for keeping the hunger alive!  Leonard King, IRELAND

I recently ordered 2 Sabena programs. After viewing them, I must say that they are very realistic and no details have been forgotten. I hope to see more excellent programs in the near future.  Christophe De Smet, BELGIUM

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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
A340-200 OO-SCW SN 5340 BRU-LGG 3h30



A340-200 OO-SCX SN 547 BRU-JFK 7h54


JFK New York JFK , USA

A340-200 OO-SCX SN 207 BRU-NRT 11h22


NRT Tokyo Narita, JAPAN

A340-200 OO-SCW SN 208 NRT-BRU 12h39

NRT Tokyo Narita, JAPAN


A321-100 OO-SUB SN 639 BRU-DUB 1h22



A321-100 OO-SUB SN 638 DUB-BRU 1h09



A319-100 OO-SEE SN 751 BRU-HEL 2h07



A319-100 OO-SEE SN 752 HEL-BRU 2h28