This 2 hour DVD offers you a very unique opportunity to join 6 pilots on a day of training, something otherwise only experienced by the pilots!

The program starts in the briefing room at London's Gatwick Airport where the training Captain and his crew go over the plans of the day including a pilot flying the 747 for the very first time. We then depart Gatwick bound for the Manston area where the aircraft will be circling for several hours. Once we reach the area each pilot starts his number of touch and go's which consist of flying the final approach to Manston Airport, landing and rotating right away without stopping followed by a big circle around the area and the next touch and go. Once all pilots are done we make a full landing.




Filmed in 2007 - Released in 2008

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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
B747-400 B-LFA O8 100 LGW-MSE 3h17

LGW London Gatwick, UK

MSE Manston, UK

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Oasis Hong Kong is a now-defunct long-haul low-cost airline that was based in Hong Kong. It operated scheduled services to London Gatwick Airport and Vancouver International Airport from its hub, Hong Kong International Airport. It’s quite sad whenever an airline goes under; Oasis Hong Kong seemed to have great potential in its market. The standard of training and level of professionalism really shined through in this DVD. The briefing which is made at the beginning of the DVD was quite thorough and the training captain really made everyone feel at ease, especially when making comments like “The 747 is like a big 737.” In the cockpit, before take off, there isn’t much of a cockpit presentation but many before departure procedures are discussed and this will be very informative to flight simmers that enjoy a bit of realism when flying.

Training mainly consisted of touch and goes at Manston which is not far from Gatwick. Since the aircraft was empty during these training flights, the amazing performance of the 747 can clearly be seen. The touch and goes section of the video is a bit lengthy but the crew definitely tries their best not to bore viewers. One of the fun aspects of the video is how you train 3 or 4 pilots without stopping the aircraft! During the flight, the pilots in training would simple quickly change seats, this reminded me of my PPL training although we switched seats on the taxiway (with permission from ATC of course).

There are many things that you can learn from this DVD. For example, do you know the standard flare height and throttle position for the 747? Well finding out the answer may help you get smoother landings even in your home simulator. This DVD is a must have for you 747 lovers out there…check it out!

Summary / Closing Remarks

I have always been skeptical about buying these types of DVDs but now I am convinced of their usefulness, not only to simmers but to anyone interested in aviation and the daily operations of an airline. For flight simmers who are more systems oriented, these DVDs give you everything you need and more to simulate all flying procedures (especially those that are airline specific).

Reviewed by AvSim


Captain Chris Humphrey does a fantastic job (from beginning to end) in making this DVD entertaining. It was also wonderful to see Captain Doug Millerin again. I had bought the OASIS Boeing 747-400 (HKG-LGW-HKG) DVD 14 months ago and have seen it 15 - 20 times. John McCreery, USA

Talk about amazing insight into flying the queen of the skies. Top notch training DVD here and you are literally sitting in the backseat taking it all in. Like a free flying lesson for the Boeing 747. I would love to see more of this from the WAR team in the future. Allan Stiff, CANADA

I just want to let you know that I love this new Oasis Training DVD. I am on my third time watching it and I have duplicated the training circuit at EGMH in Flight Simulator X with my PMDG 747-400 (Oasis livery) several times.
Because of the clear explanation of every detail of the training touch and go's, from thrust power, altitude, speed and vectors to the explanation of the proper way to flair the aircraft, I am getting much better at it. These pilots and crew are like my movie stars. This is especially true with the fine pilots from Oasis that are featured in your productions. Thank you for this great Oasis Training DVD. For me, It is just captivating and I expect to watch it several more times before it goes back into the box. Bob Yunque, USA

It may be a bit of surprise to find a training program in the series World Air Routes, but you do fly from London Gatwick to Manston. It is a gamble by the producer to deviate of course, but believe you me it is well worth it. . Udo does a fantastic job as ever, as well as the OASIS crew. A fascinating insight into what it takes to get into the best seat in the house so to speak. It is a shame that we shall not know what has become of the crews of OASIS ;but I hope that Udo, Michel and the rest of the team carry on and deliver fine outstanding productions. Simon Cordall, UK

This DVD and others in the series would make a great collection for any aviation enthusiast. Not only does the camera give the feeling of a very educational documentary, but provides the viewer a cockpit view from the pilot's perspective. The film is of very high quality, although it is not like the one's used in Hollywood movies. Nevertheless, the camera crew does an excellent job of getting the best angle inside the cockpit during the different phases of flight, with no shaking or jerky movements like those in amateur films. The pictures are crisp, clear, and provide every single detail inside a Boeing 747-400 cockpit. Very professionally done!!! The -400 series of Boeing 747s use the upgraded instrument panel which contain PFDs (Primary Flight Displays) and MFDs (Multi-Function Displays). These are the computer screens you see in the cockpit surrounded by many dials and switches. Throughout the film, the crew explains many of the instruments and what they are used for. These discussions range from the pilot telling the viewer how one can train (to be a pilot) to the co-pilot explaining what the overhead yaw damper switches are used for. Jgacis - Amazon, USA

The cockpit presentation aspect and flight deck operations of this video are EXTREMELY detailed and given directly by the Captain and First Officer. EVERY panel is explained in full.  This must be half the DVD in my estimation (which is great IMO lol). There are no actors, everyone is the real deal and there are no talking heads in the background (who you want to shoot just to shut them up). Dan Passaro - Amazon, USA

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