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Filmed in 2012 - Released in 2013

Our Ethiopian Airlines series continues with the 777-200LR. We start off with a roundtrip to Nigeria and feature a Captain who will present the aircraft to you inside and out with walkaround, cockpit presentation, Electronic Flight Bag etc...  We continue with a very scenic flight to Dubai and our 1st ever flight to Angola becoming the 167th country we've filmed!!  As a bonus we've included a flight out the 1st 767 with winglets in our series and you'll learn all the benefits of having these winglets installed, specially for flying out of Addis' high altitude airport.





I was so excited to learn that Just Planes was going to release the ET 767/777 DVD in early January. I did not hesitate and per-ordered right away. This is no doubt one of the best 777 DVDs I have seen! The blu-ray quality was crystal clear and a pleasure to watch. What makes this a big hit is the great destinations featured. The one that caught my eye was Luanda Angola. A new destination to the series and in my opinion the most interesting. The pilot cams were amazing and the various views were breathtaking. The in flight presentations were nice and really shows why Ethiopian is the best in Africa. I want to thank Ethiopian for allowing Just Planes to film your wonderful airline. Also, I want to commend Simon who did a wonderful job, especially with the pilot dash cams. Now I am waiting on the Ethiopian 787, which I have no doubt will be another great production. Michel, keep  up the great work and what a great start to 2013.
George Alves, USA

Approach into Luanda was magnificent. Nice view of the ships scattered in the sea, then overflying the slums, stadium with the city skyline in the background. The atmosphere was even more emphasized by the smog. The airport seems to be half military. I enjoyed all the hangars and the planes parked on the apron such as Iberia and even Lufthansa...Justplanes did a magnificent job...



I just finished watching this DVD. I know the 787 has received a lot of attention as it is a beautiful and elegant airplane. Hopefully Boeing will be able to fix the problems it has encountered an put it back into service.
But my favorite is still the 777. ET is another airline I am not familiar with, so, as you did with AC and TK and other Star Alliance airlines, I learned a lot about ET. It seems they have a very new and modern fleet and will be a leading airline.
While I am familiar with the 777, this DVD took me on routes and into airports I am not familiar with. The 777-200LR had the range for ultra long haul flights, so at first I was curious as to why it was only operating 3 and 4 hour flights. Captain Kabede answere that question as he explained the altitude of ADD necessitates the weight restrictions. I was happy to know that ET does fly nonstop IAD-ADD. And the AC 777-200LR DVD's really showed me what ultra long haul flying is about.
I appreciated the scenery from the cockpit. And I also enjoyed the walk around and the shots inside the cabin and crew rest areas when on the ground. We got a good look at ET's inflight service, and no doubt they are on their way to being another truly great airline. I also loved the shots of the 777's on the ground at ADD.
The 767-300ER part was very interesting too, as Captain Elias explained how the winglets give enhanced performance. While the 767 has been around for a while, it still is a useful airplane. And the "ad" for the 787 makes me want to get this DVD too!
Thank you for another wonderful DVD. They keep getting better and better, and my 777 collection gets bigger and bigger (along with other excellent DVD's of other airplanes).
Michael Karpf, THAILAND


"I purchased all 3 Ethiopian videos at once and I have been extremely impressed with the entire series. All of the crews from the Dash 8 Q400 crews to the B787 crews were very professional and experienced. The B787 video was the obvious highlight and it was very well done with some great camera angles and interesting pilot-background interviews. The scenary around Africa, the Middle East and Europe was fantastic. I will definitely put Ethiopia on my must-visit list in the future. Thanks again for providing this entire Ethiopian series as I enjoy a more complete view of an airline's operations showing multiple fleet types and destinations. Brian Gustafson, USA


Comments from You Tube:

One of the most amazing intro videos of Just Planes that I've ever seen, can't stop watching this video!


Very nice!! Finally a good explanation of? hot and high performance. Thanks JustPlanes! This film will be my 40th JP video, it never stops getting better!


As always, a treat to watch. The amount of hard work you guys? put into making these DVD's is commendable. Keep them coming!


unexpected.Did anyone else watch this? and find it really refreshing to watch!


Am so impressed.


What a nice vidéo with these outstanding landscapes with the burj Dubai and? the towering cumulus !!


Amazing video Just Planes. I have over 20 of your DVDs and they get better with every one I buy


freaking awesome? video... awesome to get some insight on how a pilot goes about their day. Absolutely amazing video!


This is excellent I have much respect for ET and Ethiopian pilots. I always wondereed why ET stops? at FCO on its way to IAD despite using the LR.. now I know. Great explanation by the captain and excellent work by JustPlanes as usual. Thanks!


Brilliant video as always :)


Super, super video and presentation? - thank you.


Fantastic work Justplanes! A pleasure to watch this. I am sure the Blu-Ray will be amazing.


What a brilliant presentation.? Thank you JustPlanes!


Absolutely? fantastic!


Awesome,? as usual!


Great video! love all? of JustPlanes videos!


Stunning? work guys !!!! loved it....


You guys do such a great job with all of your videos. Really great to be able to watch? them!


Very Cool ! Awesome video?


An absolutely amazing release! Just Planes did another amazing job as usual?


As always, a treat to watch. The amount of hard? work you guys put into making these DVD's is commendable. Keep them coming!


Wow this? really looks amazing! The pilot was awesome!


Awesome as always, justplanes!

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+ Crew flight preparation at Flight Operations as well as in cockpit

+ Cockpit Briefings, Checklists

+ Walkarounds of B777-200LR

+ Cockpit Presentation of B777

+ Features of Electronic Flight Bag

+ Training requirements to upgrade to B777

+ 1st flight in the series on a B767 with winglets!

+ Presentation & comparaison of fuel savings with winglets

+ External action footage of B777 & B767

+ Cabin visit of 777-200LR

+ Inflight First Class service on 777

+ Angola featured in series for 1st time with flight to Luanda

+ Great scenery on all flights to Africa, Asia & Europe!

Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
B777-200LR ET-ANR ET 911 ADD-ABV 4h20



B777-200LR ET-ANR ET 910 ABV-ADD 4h04



B777-200LR ET-ANO ET 602 ADD-DXB 3h20


DXB Dubai, UAE

B777-200LR ET-ANO ET 603 DXB-ADD 3h02

DXB Dubai, UAE


B777-200LR ET-ANN ET 851 ADD-LAD 3h59



B777-200LR ET-ANN ET 850 LAD-ADD 4h26



B767-300ER ET-ALO ET 706 ADD-FRA 6h55


FRA Frankfurt, GERMANY


Walkaround of the 777-200LR

Always avoiding weather over Africa

Push-back at Abuja

Taxiing out for takeoff at Abuja

En route to Addis

Going over the approach into Addis

Cockpit Presentation

Presentation of the E.F.B.

Presentation of the service

Presentation of the Duty Free items

Firsl Class Cabin ,,,

... and service

Approaching the United Arab Emirates

Arriving at Dubal

Just airborne from Dubai

Nice view of the city after departure

Spectacular sunset...

...during departure from Dubai

Visit to the First Class cabin

Visit to the Economy Class cabin

Approaching Luanda

On short final at Luanda Airport

Late night tea & coffee service

Our Star Alliance 767-300 to Frankfurt

In the turn after takeoff from Addis

Spectacular views over Africa

More views as we cross Africa

Leaving the African continenten over the Med

Overflying Heraklion Airport

Nice views over Europe

Our 1st flight on a 767 with winglets!

Full presentation of the winglet advantage

Approaching Frankfurt Airport

On short final for Runway 07R