Corsairfly is currently the 2nd largest French airline. It operates scheduled and charter service all over the world with a fleet of Airbus A330 and Boeing 747-400 aircraft from its base at Paris Orly Airport. Corsairfly has been featured in the series since 2001.

On this program you follow the 1st Boeing 747-400 flight of Corsairfly from Paris Orly to Miami and are presented with all the details the crew needs to go through to operate this flight. In Miami you go on a special scenic flight around the area before returning for the overnight Transatlantic flight back to Europe. The program includes a 1hr presentation in French.

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Filmed in 2011 - Released in 2011


Once again, a great and informative DVD. First officer Mathot did a fantastic review of the entire flight procedures. Great scenes in MIA. Thank you .

Marcel Laroche , CANADA

I have enjoyed this dvd. Corsair is always great. I like the love of these pilots for their work. Keep them coming.

Andre Tremblay, CANADA

Another great production from Just Planes. From the very engaging crew to the fantastic scenery, this DVD is a must buy. The added bonus of the Miami air tour made this DVD very special. It’s always a treat to have a US destination and Miami does not disappoint . Michel & Udo keep them coming!   

George Alves, USA

This is my first Corsairfly DVD, thanks to winning your contest on guessing the flying time for you recent AC DVD (15:34) . Many thought it would be a QR DOH-IAH 777-200LR. While that would be great, the actual flight time for a round trip would be approximately 29 hours.
This was a delightful DVD to watch. The crew was very friendly and very happy to allow you to film them. It brought back memories of ORY as I flew there from JFK in 1972 on a Pan Am 747. It was my first trip to Europe, and Pan Am made it a truly wonderful flight. We had to change to a 707 to continue on to FCO, and I remember security there being much stricter than in the US. There were guards with machine guns around the airplane. Your DVD brought back memories of that flight, as now most flights go in to CDG.
I enjoyed the explanation of the route and the first officer showing us the flight plan and plotting charts. The scenery was beautiful, especially over Newfoundland and the sunrise over the Atlantic on the return. No matter how many times I've seen it, I always enjoy watching sunrise over the ocean; which I have been privileged to see from the cockpit of both a CX 747-400 (HKG-LAX) and QF 747-400 (SYD-LAX).
The French presentation was also very helpful, especially for any French speakers. The color scheme of Corsairfly is also very pretty. I would be interested in knowing where they got their 747-400's from.
Overflying Florida, the DVD pointed out West Palm Beach International Airport. I am pretty sure that was FLL you were overflying, because of the runways and terminal layout. I have flown in/out of FLL several times.
Thank you again for another wonderful DVD. Please sponsor more "guess the flying time" contests.
Michael Karpf, THAILAND

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Widescreen DVD filmed in High Def features :

+ Corsairfly inaugural 747-400 flight to Miami!

+ Multi-camera views : 4 cameras!!

+ Incuding Pilot, Instruments, Runway, Side view

+ Pilotseye views

+ Preflight briefings, checklists

+ Continuous Pilot Presentations

+ Detailed Cockpit Presentation

+ Communications with ATC

+ Great scenery & views on the way

+ Spectacular sunrise over the Atlantic

+ Special scenic flight around Miami

+ Includes French Presentation: 56mins

Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
B747-400 F-HLOV SS 942 ORY-MIA 9h16

ORY Paris Orly, FRANCE

MIA Miami, USA

B747-400 F-HSUN SS 943 MIA-ORY 8h05

MIA Miami, USA

ORY Paris Orly, FRANCE


Meet our Plane

and our crew

Meet our Captain

and Copilot

Takeoff from Paris Orly Airport

A look at the route of our flight

Transatlantic crossing...

...with other traffic

Lots of great scenery over Canada and the USA

Approaching Miami

Landing at Miami, camera 1

Landing at Miami, camera 2

Landing at Miami, camera 3

Landing at Miami, camera 4

The DVD includes a scenic overflight of Miami...

as well as the Port of Miami

Leaving Miami on runway 09

A great sunrice over the Atlantic

Landing at Paris Orly

Including a different view on touchdown