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Filmed in 2013 - Released in 2013

We are delighted to be returning to Brazil's biggest aviation success story : AZUL!  In just 5 years the airline has grown to over 100 aircraft and over 100 destinations served! In this newest program we're bringing you 2 firsts in our series : our 1st flight on the new ATR72-600 and the 1st ever delivery of a prop aircraft across the Ocean. Our trip starts in Europe, goes along and stops in Africa, we then cross the Atlantic for a 7 hour flight to Brazil! This is one adventure you don't want to miss!


This latest release is very unique featuring an oceanic crossing onboard an ATR. Glad to see Azul return to the series with a special program featuring a delivery flight from the ATR factory in Toulouse to Brazil. The ATR72-600 is a very modern turbo prop and the crew did a great job explaining it's various features. I enjoyed the ATR dispatcher briefing which was very informative too. If you enjoy breathtaking scenery or just staring out the window this DVD is for you. The scenery throughout was breathtaking and well worth the price of the program. Udo did a masterful job capturing the beautiful Atlantic scenery. The crew was very friendly and gave wonderful explanations. All in all another fantastic release from Just Planes as usual. George Alves, USA

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You guys simply rock, have always loved your videos, they mean more to me than you know


Another stunning video from JustPlanes! Congrats!


Thank you very much for this beautiful insight !!! loved it !!!!


What a fantastic video as always!


Amazing video!


This is great and I must say I am very impressed!


Spectacular this video!


A pilot can't be more kind than that . ! Combination of good Planes + good video +(good pilots) = Justplanes!


Great video


Very nice and clear ..thank you JustPlanes


Brilliant video!


Excellent quality, looks like the videos are very thorough


Amazing! My favorite company...


The Captain descended just to give us a beautiful view..wow .Great pilots


An excellent companion to the Azul E195 DVD


Stunning Video!!!


Its just amazing to watch your videos!


Nice plane,nice views,nice crew, and nice video!


Fantastic video as always!

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+ Cockpit filming using 5 cameras for multiple views on takeoff & landing including in cabin!

+ 1st ATR72-600 in the series!

+ Flight Dispatcher briefing for Oceanic crossing.

+ Cockpit flow and preliminary preparations.

+ Aircraft Walkaround

+ Cockpit Presentation

+ Depature & Arrival Airport Charts

+ Cockpit differences between ATR72-200 and ATR72-600

+ Fantastic scenery from Europe, Africa & South America!

+ Special descent from 24,000 feet to 3,000 feet to view an island in the Atlantic!

Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
ATR72-600 PR-AQF AZU 9150 TLS-ACE 4h37

TLS Toulouse, FRANCE


ATR72-600 PR-AQF AZU 9150 ACE-SID 3h49



ATR72-600 PR-AQF AZU 9150 SID-REC 6h56



ATR72-600 PR-AQF AZU 9150 REC-CNF 3h23


CNF Belo Horizonte, BRAZIL



Our brand new ATR72-600...

...waiting for our crew to take it to Brazil

Captain takes us on his walkaround

Following the checklists & startup

A beauty parked at Toulouse Airport!

Just airborne with a nice view on Airbus

Captain checks position on his iPad

Camera in cabin to capture all the wing views

Fantastic views on Cadiz!

A platform being towed in the Atlantic

On short final at Lanzarote

Taking a short break before our next leg

Just airborne from Lanzarote

Approaching the Cape Verde Islands

Some air to air of the ATR72-600...

... compliments of ATR Aircrafts

More fantastic views on this adventure!

Presenting the ATR Instruments

Captain takes us through a cockpit presentation

Approaching Recife, our 1st stop in Brazil!

Following the complete cockpit flow/set up

Captain flies the last leg to Belo Horizonte

More fantastic views over Brazil

Awesome views as we get airborne from Recife

Passing some great Brazilian cities

Not too many passengers on this adventure :)

Starting our final descent of the trip

Approaching Belo Horizonte. What a Trip!!!